View Full Version : Happy Fathers day!

20th June 2011, 07:10
Happy Fathers day to all the HEL daddies! Keep spawning fellas we need to bolster the ranks!

20th June 2011, 13:46
lol Well I have 2 little boys and a daughter who is about ready to start gaming. :D

20th June 2011, 16:15
Excellent we will teach them well the ways of HEL.

Clockwork Soldier
27th June 2011, 20:17
I feel sorry for you all when my little girl it will be like oooo hello kitty now lets add a chain saw. "Bash them daddy, bash them all"... to quote leah.

28th June 2011, 11:39
But then she put juice all over your keyboard and you cry.