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23rd December 2011, 19:30
Hi guys,

Just a quick one;

I've been given the heads up by a friend that some of you guys came from WAR and are now Hell's Elite Legion. Is that correct or has he given me some bad info?


23rd December 2011, 21:28
HEL existed before Warhammer Online; although some of us did play it for a bit.

23rd December 2011, 23:11
Is Mournwind from WAR still knocking around. We had some great nights with him and his bro and wondering if he's ended up back in SWOR like we talked about some years back?

Clockwork Soldier
23rd December 2011, 23:26
Hel yeah man I'm still about In game and named Mourn, long time no see bud

23rd December 2011, 23:30
Hey Mourn :)

Long ago did we and your bro watch that SWOR youtube movie during some late night. Well Tigia/Beeze told me you guys are running your usual awesome shizzle in SWOR. So this thread was establishing whether I was in the right place. Currently downloading game and would love to put in an app.


Clockwork Soldier
23rd December 2011, 23:41
Go for it mate. Just fill in the app and as soon as your on give me a shout where on tarentatek guilds already up and running i'll chuck you an invite.