• Guild History

    -=(Guild History)=-

    HEL was born in BattleZone in 1998, since that time we participated in many games both FPS and MMORPG's. We have had epic victories across the board and have picked up quite a few good people along the way. We are generally a tough little crowd who pull no punches, we are serious about getting the job done and working as a unit. But we know how to have a laugh and this guild is one that you will want to stick with for the long run.

    Some of the games we have been in:

    BattleZone, Half Life, BattleZone 2, Planetside, Halo,
    Counterstrike, Ultima Online, Battlefield 1942, 2, 2142, Guild Wars,
    Mech Warrior 4, Star Wars Galaxies, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2,
    Lineage 2, City of Villains, Rising Forces Online, Warhammer Online,
    Requiem, Aion, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, Global Agenda,
    Team Fortress 2, Americas Army, Alien vs Predator, Soldier of Fortune,
    Star Wars: The Old Republic and Tera Online

    -=(Guild Management)=-

    HEL is managed by a council of GM's who work together to ensure the guild stays the course it was set on back in 1998. The GM Council has been very active in working on getting the guild to where it is. With the help of the developers, founders and officers our leadership structure is as solid as could be and we are always looking for new prospects to help swell the ranks and perhaps even come to be a leader in HEL.

    -=(What Makes Us Different)=-

    Active Members
    +10 Year Old Guild
    International Guild
    Multi Gaming Guild
    Proactive PVP Guild
    Ventrilo is Mandatory
    Forum & Steam Group
    No Age Requirement
    Professional Guild Structure & Support