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Thread: HEL on Facebook

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    Neon Guest

    HEL on Facebook

    Join us!

    put a face to the tag!

    I have created a member list, if you join let me no your [HEL] nick

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    Crifa Guest
    Joined. My name is Wayne C Smith Jr, Crifa in game

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    Neon Guest
    Hey Crifa! I added you brother

  4. Joined...
    Jacques Taljaard

    aka : Taxxman \ Banelight

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    Cerri Guest
    Facebook is the Devil!

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    Spidër Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cerri View Post
    Facebook is the Devil!
    It is. And I am so going to point that out to my overly religious cousin, in hopes she deletes her account. Bwaha.

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    kellog Guest
    Hey it's kellog i joined im Malik Sleek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxxman View Post
    Jacques Taljaard

    aka : Taxxman \ Banelight
    And you're a member of a guild called Hell's Elite Legion: appropriate, n'est-ce pas?

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    Neon Guest
    If I missed anyone, post on the thread where the member list is. I should get to you sometime this decade! And yes Hikari i added your precious [RDV] beside your name, ya big baby!

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