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    Rabid66 Guest

    Ill Be back after the New Year (well at least into a little gameing)

    Ill probably suck ,but I really don't care. Gonna build gaming machine after the holidays.

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    Neon Guest
    Thats awesome Rab! it has been far to long. Me and Metal Eater are playing Farcry 4, wicked game! i have an in game video of us at our FB group page. You always sucked anyway so no biggy! I just built a top of line rig as well, if you need any suggestions to save you some time, let me no. My specs are in the tech forum....

    Million dollar coming back to HEL as a Veteran?? you fkng better brother!

    For anyone that isn't familiar with Rabid66, he was a founding member of HEL!
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