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  1. The good old days...

    Heya Peeps!

    Long time no see

    Hope everybody is still good...its been a while! Life has been pretty hectic the last few years...

    As it turns out I may be in UK sometime this year for work. The company I work for has partnered with a large UK company for some stuff... cant go into details yet, but hoping Ill get some time in UK.

    Would be great to meet some of the old guildies (and new ones) if I do come up there

    I will try get the Comms details off site and hop on sometime and say hi. Internet has been misbehaving of late, so will see what happens... maybe join in on some games again

    Until then o7

    Taxxman (aka Banelight)

  2. Hey Taxx sounds good bud. you'll get more joy if you lookup the HEL Facebook group.
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